FlashRES F-28 Multi-Modes Resistivity/IP Data Acquisition System

The FlashRES-F28 RES/IP (F28) system is a basic model, which connects two 14-core cables with 28 electrodes in total. There are two modes of the system. Please see below for details.

FlashRES-UNIVERSAL 96 Resistivity/IP meter

FlashRES-UNIVERSAL 96 Resistivity/IP meter is our most advanced system. It has all FlashRES–UNIVERSAL 61-channel meter’s abilities and functions, but with additional 32 extra electrodes and 32 extra channels. It has the fastest data acquisition speed.

FlashRES-UNIVERSAL 64-channel Resistivity/IP meter

FlashRES-UNIVERSAL is a Full-Channel system. It can be used for all kinds of resistivity, IP and SP surveys. It is controlled by an external tablet/laptop, providing better reliability.

FlashRES Power Booster

FlashRES Power Booster is designed for deep resistivity survey. It has 3,000W and 1,200V output. It has a compact design and is powered by two 12V batteries.

FlashRES-320 317-channel Resistivity duo system

FlashRES-320 has 317 channels providing convenience for long resistivity and IP surveys.


We provide matching 32-core cables, electrodes, carrying boxes and reels for our systems.