VIY5 – 600 GPR


The VIY5-600 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation, up to 3,5 meters depth. The VIY5-600 GPR is suitable for searching of both metallic and dielectric objects (utilities, voids, fondation constructions, etc.).

Basic applications:

  • Utilities;
  • Examination of engineering construction (building walls and fondations, etc);
  • Search for reinforcement rods in building constructions;
  • Search for hidden and immured objects.


  • Real time signal pre-processing (Online filtering)
  • Auto-calibrated online filters
  • Wide range of post processing tools
  • Increased dynamic range due to digital traces-stacking
  • Innovative Telbin technology to get high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Connection to laptop: Wi-Fi or USB
  • Direct connection of Measuring wheel and GPS to antenna