Slim Borehole Scanner

Monitoring of the Borehole Wall for Structural & Geotechnical Analysis

The DMT Slim Borehole Scanner  produces an optical image of the anchor borehole wall. This provides an objective information that can be also used for future comparisons. With an integrated orientation device, the borehole images can be oriented in 3D-space and be used for digital documentation of the rock conditions. With DMT analysis software, the pictures can be used for geological structure analysis of bedding, foliation, joints, faults and veins. The structures can be identified, oriented in space, statistically analysed and finally be used for an update of the geological- geotechnical model during the construction phase of a tunnel.

Advantages of application for roof control

  • Determination of the orientation of discontinuities for the calculation ofpotential sliding wedges
  • Optimal roof bolt pattern according to the exact structural fabric
  • Monitoring during the roadway driving; thereby optimal adjustment of the roof bolt pattern according to occurred changes
  • Determination of the opening width of discontinuities