DMT Geo Measuring System

DMT GmbH & Co.KG, based in Essen, Germany.

DMT Geoinstrument products are designed primarily with maximum accuracy and data quality in mind.

DMT Geoinstruments measuring systems stand for quality, functionality and practicality – the result of they many years of experience in the production of high-precision devices and the extensive know-how of our development specialists.

The measuring systems includes:

  • Geodetic measuring systems (GYROMAT 3000/5000, laser scanner IMAGER 5006EX)

  • Geophysical measurement systems (SUMMIT – Seismic Data Acquisition System, Borehole Shuttle, RESECS)

  • Geotechnical measuring systems (CoreScan System, SlimBoreholeScanner)

Summit System

  • Summit X One

  • Summit M Vipa

  • Summit VIB 3D

  • Summit M SENSORS

DMT CoreScan – High Tech Core Logging System

The DMT CoreScan system is a high-tech core logging system, which enables scanning of drill core, the creation of a digital drill core library (drill core data management) and qualitative and quantitative structural analysis using high-quality images. The system comprises the drill core scanner DMT CoreScan 3, the UV fluorescence imaging device DMT CoreScan UV, as well as the analyzing software and database DMT CoreBase 2 (

DMT SlimboreholeScanner

The DMT SlimBoreholeScanner is a tool for optical inspection and documentation of slim boreholes for structural and geotechnical analysis. It can be pushed by hand into boreholes as small as 1”. Its light weight allows for easy inspection even of upward holes in the roof. Hence it is ideal for the scanning of roof-bolt holes that are drilled regularly in tunneling projects.

DMT BoreholeShuttle

The DMT BoreholeShuttle is a cable-less geophysical logging system for horizontal and deviated boreholes, which comprises sensors for various logging tasks such as optical imaging, ultrasonic ranging, gamma and orientation. The DMT BoreholeShuttle is self-contained, battery-powered and has a large internal memory for data storage. Hence there is no need for a cable, making it ideal especially for all non vertical logging tasks and even upward logging in underground wells.

Transient Technologies LCC, Ukraine for Ground Penetrating Radar.

Transient Technologies LLC is an innovative privately owned company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 1998 they have been engaged in scientific researches in ground penetrating radars technologies. The utilization of modern approach and the latest techniques are essential for us in the product development. We manufacture VIY®-series GPR and related equipment.

Gyromate – The most accurate north-seeking precision-surveying gyroscope in the World

The GYROMAT instrument series is a range of high precision surveying gyroscopes with band suspension, which are the result of more than 60-years of experience in the development and manufacture of gyroscopic measuring instruments. The fully automatic measuring procedure and measurement technique that have no preliminary orientation provide the greatest accuracy in determining direction in those areas in which other methods cannot be efficiently used, for example in mining and tunnelling.

VIY5 Series Ground Penetrating Radar

The VIY5 series Ground Penetrationg Radars (GPRs) are radars of underground sounding, designed for locating and analysis of subsurface items and anomalies with the aid of electromagnetic pulse radiation.

VIY5-125 GPR

VIY5-125 GPR – the device applicable for deep deposited objects and the ones of big volume. Max.sounding depth (thickness) – down to 15 meters.

Shielded antenna usage allows to minimize unwanted noises from external surface objects.

Main applications:

  • Geology and hydrography

  • Construction (deep and detailed foundation probe etc.)

  • Archaeology (deep buried artefacts finding)

VIY5-300 GPR

VIY5-300 GPR is the optimum solution for underground objects (or construction structure) topography and mapping, where high depth goes with high scanning resolution.

Max.sounding depth (thickness) – down to 8 meters.

Main applications:

  • Construction

  • Utility location

  • Forensic and military investigations

  • Archaeology

VIY5-500 GPR

VIY5-500 GPR combines both portability and good sounding depth. May apply where high resolution of sounding is very important.

Max.sounding depth (thickness) – down to 4 meters.

Main applications:

  • Construction

  • Roads and bridges

  • Utility location

  • Forensic and military investigations (search for illegal burials, underground passages, hiding places etc.)

  • Archaeology

VIY5-700 GPR

VIY5-700 GPR is the device that was designed when the highest resolution is important to sound shallow buried objects.

Max.sounding depth (thickness) – down to 2.5 meters.

Main applications:

  • Construction

  • Roads and bridges

  • Forensic and military investigations

  • Archaeology


The VIY5 software is the one of the most important GPR’s part. VIY5 software package is designed for GPR setup, sounding control, processing and storage of GPR data. VIY5 software package consists of two programs: Synchro, and Planner. Both programs work in a close liaison with each other. That allows to see a whole measuring area plan with GPR profiles on it directly during sounding process.