Gyromat 5000

The Most Accurate Precision - Surveying Gyroscope In The World

The GYROMAT 5000 is the latest product for high precision direction measurement with an accuracy of 0.8/1000th gon, which corresponds to a deviation in arc of about 1.2 cm over a distance of one kilometre. The time needed for measuring a single direction is only about 6 to 9 minutes. The new piezo drive with a high resolution angle encoder and the new energy concept with a reliable energy storage system and replaceable battery make the system faster, more reliable and easier to maintain. The option to add a theodolite or a total station as required enables the instrument to be used universally for geodetic applications or control work.


  • Utmost accuracy

  • Shorter measuring time

  • fully automatic measurement

  • No pre-alignment necessary 

  • Individual theodolite mounting

  • Spare Battery