High – Precision Proton Magnetometer


EREV-1 is a high-precision proton magnetometer developed and produced by the Crystal Globe Geophysical Research & Services LLC.

It is a proton magnetometer using the latest electronic technology, which is in pursuit of high measuring precision and excellent data repeatability. In addition, it is also featured by firmness, portability, and easy maintenance, and is more applicable to field exploration work in severe environment. Higher precision, higher sampling rate and lower storage cost are the extreme technologies that EREV-1 pursues.

EREV-1 may be applied to: High-precision magnetic survey and prospection, magnetic basement and structure detection, earthquake and volcano precursors observation, engineering and environment exploration, coal field and hydrology exploration, pipes and underground

explosives detection, archaeology and oil gas and other industries.

Package List :

  • Console, Sensor

  • 4 aluminum poles, 50cm/ea

  • Bottom pole

  • Instrument strap

  • Battery charger, USB cable

  • Manual , Processing software: EREV-Link

  • Shipping case

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