Ground Penetrating Radar


The VIY3-500 ground penetrating radar (GPR) is used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation up to 4 meters depth (thickness). The VIY3-500 GPR is suitable for searching of both metal and dielectric objects (pipes, communications, voids, building constructions, etc.).

Basic applications :

  • Search of pipes and communication objects

  • Examination of engineering construction (Building walls and basements, etc)

  • Search of reinforcement rods in building constructions

  • Search of hiding and immured objects.

Features :

  • Measuring wheel and GPS are connected to antenna unit. All components including antenna system, electronic modules, battery, and so on, are assembled in single case. Battery, in order to facilitate the antenna unit, moved to separate case. Antenna unit through the battery case

  • Increased dynamic range owing to digitally traces stacking

  • Real time signal pre-processing

  • Low power consumption – at least 8 hours working session without charging necessity

  • Measuring wheel and GPS are connected to antenna unit.