ANCORELOG – Sensor-based mineralogical-chemical and optical drill core analysis and digitalization

One of the most challenging aspects of exploration drilling programmes is to obtain consistent and detailed logging results as well as analytical results from drill core samples that have been sent to commercial laboratories in a timely manner so that crucial decisions can be made already at early project stages.  This can be exacerbated and amplified if the project is conducted in remote locations where the logistical arrangements, particularly transport, can be an issue.  The sample dispatch can also be a cumbersome process in foreign jurisdictions due to the bureaucratic red tape where significant delays in sending the samples to overseas laboratories may occur. 

Similar problems can also be encountered at mine sites where the hourly, daily, and weekly analyses can be an important component for the production plans.

ANCORELOG, the analytical core logging system, delivers precise logging and analytical results deducted from chemical, mineralogical, physical, and textural drill core properties through a combination of innovative technologies involving modular multi-sensors in an automatised measurement workflow.

Smart machine learning algorithms convert measured properties (“big data”) from the samples into geological, geotechnical and geometallurgical domains (“intelligent data”) in almost real time supporting and speeding up decision-making.